Ship of Fools EP Release

Baton Rouge band, Ship of Fools releases their first EP this Saturday at The Spanish Moon. This self-titled EP recorded at River City Studios includes six songs.

Ship of Fools formed in the fall of 2015. The fools include Ashley O'Neill, Michael Blount, Eric Brown and Raudol Palacios. After hearing their music, you would never guess that they were all under the age of 25 as they bring in a variety of experience and attention to detail in both their arrangements and songwriting.

"We're over a year into this EP release, so it's good to finally have it done," Michael said. All attending LSU, it took them longer to finish this EP between work, class and performing live than they had originally anticipated but now it is done, and they couldn't be happier.

"I'm glad to have an album out and something to promote; I feel like we have a purpose," Ashley added.

After their release show on Saturday, they will head to New Orleans Sunday night and then on to Savannah, Maryland and New York. "We're going on this tour, and that's really important for us. It's going to be a lot of fun, and it will be a new experience and a growing process," said Raudol.

"This EP is raw. These are a lot of our first songs. This is what we made by being us. Now, we are thinking much more about what we are doing, and our writing process is more developed," Raudol added.

They aim to be back in the studio by December of this year. "Our writing has evolved, and we want to hurry up and get in the studio to record these new songs," Michael said.

Ship of Fools has a genre-complex sound that is difficult to define spanning the regions of indie, pop, folk and rock. Though their writing process has developed over time, they stand confidently by this EP as a portrayal of what they can do.

They are excited for people to be able to ride around in their cars listening to a Ship of Fools song and they hope that people will really dive into it. "I feel like some of the intricacy gets lost live. There are a lot of minute things like, a picking pattern, that you may not catch live. I’m excited for people to hear and listen intently to our music, to analyze and pick it apart,” said Michael.

"The way these songs are arranged on the album is like story-telling. None of them had to do with each other, but I really enjoy how they take you on a journey," said Ashley.

She then added, "I don’t write about my own experiences a lot. A lot of the songs are very sad and they look at heartbreak in a different way. 'The Collector' is about a dead bug collection but it’s really about a guy collecting women and not caring. I have a lot of fun being able to hide what the true meaning is in an image, a metaphor."

The band embraces the unique story-telling nature of their lyrics. "I like that these songs are open for interpretation. I like that people will be able to sit down and create their own fiction," Raudol added.

The same attention to detail that this band brings into their compositions was applied to choosing their album cover art. As the members are continuing to define their sound and grow as a unit, they didn't want to box themselves in by choosing something too narrow or genre-classifying. “It’s really difficult to come up with cover art,” Ashley reflected, “You want to do something different and you don’t want to do what other bands have done before. We thought it would be cool to incorporate some other artists in our work."  They contacted Liz Douzart, an artist from New Orleans who makes bound notebooks and hand-marbled paper to design their album cover.

"The marble is stunning, silver and gorgeous and she hand cut and made ten of them. I scanned in that image to make the album art and put our own text over it. That’s really special for us because we have a piece of someone’s art involved in the album," said Ashley.

Ship of Fools is all about collaboration and encouraging the arts community in Baton Rouge. This show will be free to the public and they're excited to have Relatives join them. In addition to Relatives, you'll see quite a few familiar faces from the Baton Rouge music scene jump on stage including: Ben Herrington, Raegan Mitchell, John Mann, Caroline Schaff, Laura Swirsky, Chloe Johnson, Christopher Polk, Brian Bell, Danielle Ryce, Nick Lefebvre and more.

Though the EP includes songs people who have seen Ship of Fools may have heard before, they are pulling out all the stops for Saturday night. "We will be playing all the songs from the EP but we will also have three new songs that no one has ever heard. We are excited about that," Michael said.

"It's going to be unique because even the songs on the CD are not going to sound like they would any other time because other people will be playing with us," Raudol added.

You can catch Ship of Fools Saturday night at The Spanish Moon. The show will start up around 9pm and you can buy their EP for $8. "This is the show to come to if you’ve never seen us,” said Eric.

Emily McCollister is the Editor of Jive Flamingo. She is a native Baton Rougean, recent college grad, booking agent at The Parlor and a poet. You can follow her on Instagram @emilyy.jeann or subtweet her on Twitter @emilymc89.

Jive Picks (Week of February 11th)

Goooooood Afternoon Baton Rouge!

We hope this blog post finds you well. Looking for something to do this weekend? We got ya set up with this week's edition of JIVE PICKS!

Love Stock Photos? Check out this dope buzzfeed article, it will make you giggle.

Love Stock Photos? Check out this dope buzzfeed article, it will make you giggle.

Drum roll, please. *drum rolls on computer keyboard*


Thursday, February 11:

Where: 1109 Highland Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Friday, February 12:

Where: 7575 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Where: 2963 Government St, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806

Saturday, February 13:

Where: 2963 Government St, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806

Where: 9327 Burbank Dr, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70820

Sunday, February 14:

  • HoneyHoney @ Spanish Moon. 8pm. $15. (indie rock magic)

Where: 1109 Highland Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Where: 315 North Blvd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801

Singer/Songwriters take over Baton Rouge

It’s a Wednesday night in Baton Rouge; you looked at your weather app and it told you it would be much colder than it is. As you walk to your car, you peel off layers of clothing to accommodate the Louisiana heat. You get in your car and drive to Perkins Rowe where you park and walk slowly to Lava Cantina. When you get there, you settle into a bar stool and order a cold margarita. With your drink in hand, you sit back and enjoy the sounds of live, local, original music and hours pass but they feel like minutes.

That might sound like a dream day but singer/songwriter showcases have been happening all over Baton Rouge lately. Whether you're a musician looking to perform, an avid supporter of local music or just a person looking for some after work activity, these songwriter nights are where you want to be.

Sean Hager @ Lava Cantina.

Sean Hager @ Lava Cantina.

Chris Hochkeppel of local band, Burris, hosts a singer/songwriter showcase on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 8pm at Lava Cantina.

"I never thought I would do this but I enjoy it and I'm very excited about it," said Hochkeppel, "Lava Cantina is a cool venue; I had played there once before. It is sort of out of reach for local musicians so to know that I could help open it up as a venue was a good idea for me."

A variety of musicians and genres play each Wednesday night show. Hochkeppel said, "The response has been good. Lava has a regular crowd and a restaurant atmosphere so people are always there eating and a lot of people like to stay. Everyone who is there loves it."

Check out a Wednesday night at Lava Cantina. The next show is February 17. "Great friends, good music, delicious drinks, why not? Come have a margarita and sit. You were probably going to go out to eat anyway, why not just come here and see some good music?" said Hochkeppel with a laugh, removing your excuses to not attend.

A Sunday at Jolie Pearl. Photo by Susan Acosta.

A Sunday at Jolie Pearl. Photo by Susan Acosta.

Tony Cobb organizes a singer/songwriter showcase followed by an open mic every Sunday at 1pm at Jolie Pearl.

The Jolie Pearl songwriter event has been happening since July. The host and theme changes every week, “Each host has a different style so it makes the event at Jolie Pearl not sound the same every week. You can go and it won’t be the same kind of music every week either. You’ll see some of the same faces but you won’t see the same performers,” said Cobb.

“The response has been great. From musicians to people who stumble in, it’s something people look forward to going to and playing at," said Cobb.

Cobb hopes to cross generational gaps and create a place for all songwriters to meet and connect. He said, "Our goal is to make connections. There is a lot of new talent being uncovered. When I got involved with the songwriters in Baton Rouge, I got in with the older songwriters. As I get asked to play by some of the younger songwriters, I met younger songwriters. My goal is to have more and more songwriters crossing paths; Jolie Pearl has allowed that to happen; it is a place to hear different styles of music. There is a lot of networking that happens."

Next Sunday, if you find yourself with nothing to do, swing by Jolie Pearl and spend an afternoon with some oysters and tunes. "You should come to Jolie Pearl because there is such a buzz inside that place on Sunday of creative energy that you can't help to have fun and be happy," said Cobb.

Christine Brignac playing Brew Ha-Ha's Open Mic. Photo from their Facebook page.

Christine Brignac playing Brew Ha-Ha's Open Mic. Photo from their Facebook page.

Daniel Patterson hosts an open mic every Sunday at 6pm at Brew Ha-Ha. This open mic night has been a consistent opportunity in Baton Rouge for artists to play, practice and connect. "I think we offer a unique environment for Baton Rouge specifically in that we're not in a bar. We are all ages and things get started pretty early. That allows people who normally wouldn't have anywhere to play find a stage. The result has been that we have grown a very supportive community around the open mic night and it seems to have become an incubator of sorts for new acts in Baton Rouge. Whether they are brand new to performing in public, haven't played in years or are established but want to try something new," said Patterson.

If you want to play at Brew Ha-Ha next Sunday, "just show up. I put the sign-up sheet out as I'm setting up my gear and after I play a few songs, we go down the list. I don't reserve any spots ahead of time. Unless you sign up super late or we are absolutely packed on a particular night, everybody gets three songs if they want them," explained Patterson.

Whether you're looking for somewhere to play or for something chill to do, these songwriter nights are what you've been looking for. "There is a community that is interested in what singer/songwriters are doing. There is a lot of hidden talent here in Baton Rouge," said Hochkeppel.

Get out there and #listenlocalBR

~Emily Jean

Katie Swetman and James Fogle at Lock and Key.

Katie Swetman and James Fogle at Lock and Key.

Benjamin Moore of Humble Kind also hosts a singer/songwriter showcase the first Wednesday of every month at 8pm at Lock and Key Whiskey Bar.

If you're a musician looking to play these showcases you can email for Lava Cantina or for Jolie Pearl with links to your songs and any media.




Jive Picks: Week of January 28th

Goooooood afternoon Baton Rouge!

It's a beautiful day today and there's lots of fun things for you to do this weekend!

  • FRIDAY (January 29th):

~Loudness War + The Chambers + 35 PSI @ 524 Studios. 6pm. 524 N. Foster. (garage rock/rock). $8

~Margaret Marston and John Smart @ Dyson House Listening Room (jazz/soul). 7pm. 7575 Jefferson Hwy. $10

~Aep w/ Wolfbrain & The Patsies @ Atomic Pop Shop. (hard rock/rock). 9pm. $8

  • SATURDAY (January 30th)

Quiana Lynell & The Lush Life @ Lock & Key Whiskey. (jazz). 9pm.

Jangling Sparrows w/ Cameron Mauer & Za Bra @ Atomic Pop Shop. (Americana/songwriter) 9pm. $9

  • SUNDAY (January 31st)

Songwriter Sunday @ Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar. 1pm.

Open Mic @ Brew HaHa. 6pm.

You have lots of options for live, local and original music this weekend so get out there and #listenlocalBR

Dizzy Arts Party 12: Downtown

Dizzy Arts is at it again, throwing an art party unlike any art party Baton Rouge has ever seen before. Taking over 3rd street downtown, Dizzy 12 brings fashion, comedy, music, and visual art to seven downtown venues for one evening on December 19th. This event, “Dizzy Arts Party 12,” is the 12th multimedia art party Dizzy has brought to Baton Rouge in the last couple of years.

Dizzy Arts Party

Dizzy Arts Party

Dizzy Arts and Dizzy Records under the LLC, “Dizzy Creations” was founded in 2013 by Adam Carrillo (CEO) and Davy Goldsmith (CCO) and exists to develop the Baton Rouge music and arts scenes. Their team has since widened to include Robert Keiton Smith, Jeff Leblanc, Taylor Holton (COO) and Griffin Hines.


Dizzy Arts “does shit”-- and by that, they mean that they do a variety of different things all with one goal: to grow, support and encourage Baton Rouge’s music and arts community.

One of their guiding statements, according to their website, is: “Dizzy Arts wants to establish collaborations between artists of all mediums, backgrounds and styles. We believe art is a story, and we want to share those stories.” They throw art parties, bring live art to local shows, promote local music, write blog posts, run an independent record label, and give musicians press photos/video, among other things.

Smith said, “We’ve all moved around a bit. It’s not about moving somewhere and finding a scene. It’s more about planting somewhere and making something like that happen,” and that’s what Dizzy Arts wants to do. They hope to build a replicable model that they could take to any city and encourage the music/arts culture of that city.

Fashion at a prior Dizzy Arts Party

Fashion at a prior Dizzy Arts Party

“Baton Rouge already has everything that you need. Everywhere has everything you need. We could do this anywhere. We would like to take this concept to a new city and draw from the crowd that is there and actually involve the city and community of that place,” Carrillo added.

“What differentiates us is that we are all about the artists. That is different than being about the art, product, production or the profit,” said Leblanc, “Adam and Davy have been insistent upon that principle since the beginning, it’s always about the people.”

Ship of Fools performing at Dizzy Arts 11

Ship of Fools performing at Dizzy Arts 11

Dizzy 12 will showcase local music and art at Happy’s Irish Pub, The Roux House, Lucy’s, Boudreaux and Thibodeaux’s, The Office, The Draft House, and Raising Cane’s. Dizzy is excited to take over downtown and get locals interested in what Baton Rouge has to offer them. Carrillo hopes that Dizzy 12 will “get people to pay attention to the fact that there is a very real music and arts scene in Baton Rouge.”

Dizzy 12 wants to involve Baton Rougeans in what is happening in their city and to support local artists in their endeavors. Carrillo said, “I want to eliminate ‘the starving artist’ and not be one.”  Leblanc quickly added, “We want to give artists a chance to show their work and build real patronage in the city.”

Dizzy Arts hopes to expand in the next couple of years with a brick and mortar studio and additional teaching space. They’re currently looking for sponsors who won’t only donate money but will also support their vision for the city of Baton Rouge (you can look into sponsoring them here). In addition to that, they would like to take the Dizzy model to other cities in the future and grow their artist network (you can fill out an artist sign-up form here).  “As these parties have come along, they’ve gotten bigger and bigger sprawling across more venues. I would like to see a festival type event that is one to two days downtown. I want us to only get bigger,” said Holton.

Local artist showcase art at a Dizzy Arts event

Local artist showcase art at a Dizzy Arts event

Dizzy 12 will bring art, fashion, comedy and music to one area on 3rd street. Dizzy intentionally combines these mediums because they feel like all of these different art forms have a symbiotic relationship. Carrillo said, “The whole point of Dizzy is that there is something for everyone.” Holton added, “The chances are that if a person likes one of those things, they will like something else.”

You can spend your Saturday night with Dizzy Arts this Saturday downtown on 3rd street. The night will include an art fundraiser and high school art display at Canes, Baton Rouge comedy at Boudreaux and Thibodeaux's, a fashion show at The Office sponsored by Banana Republic and Aristocracy and live music at Happy's main stage + more.

Get out there and support local, original music and art and always #listenlocalBR

~Emily Jean

Captain Green's 4th Annual Christmas Carnival

Happy Holidays,

It’s that time of year again, the time for a peppermint mocha, watching ABC family movies ironically and for wearing pajamas with reindeer on them. It is also the time for original Baton Rouge music (and a handful of Christmas covers).

Captain Green is gonna add some holiday cheer to the mix tomorrow night at Chelsea’s Cafe. You may have heard that Chelsea’s Cafe is potentially closing down so you don’t want to miss this one.

Captain Green Christmas in 2012. Photo by Chelsea Layne

Captain Green Christmas in 2012. Photo by Chelsea Layne

Saturday, December 12th, you can go see Trailer Hounds and Captain Green jam in the spirit of Christmas for $10 at 10pm. Captain Green’s saxophonist, Kevin McMann is fairly new to the Captain Green family and this will be his first Christmas carnival with the bunch. We chatted with him about the upcoming event and he sounded really excited for what they had in store for the fourth annual Captain Green Christmas Carnival. McMann said, “This being my first Christmas carnival, I’m really looking forward to it. We’ve got some things in store that are going to be fun!”

Captain Green Christmas 2012. Photo by Chelsea Layne.

Captain Green Christmas 2012. Photo by Chelsea Layne.

“We’re gonna bring up some guest artists. We’re going to have some new tunes from Captain Green that we just started playing,” said McMann, “You can expect to see old faces join us on stage and you can expect a good time."

Captain Green Christmas 2012. Photo by Chelsea Layne

Captain Green Christmas 2012. Photo by Chelsea Layne

They will be having a non-perishables food drive supporting the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank tomorrow night and ask that you bring a food item to donate. “The thing that separates (this event) from other benefit events is that we don’t have any backers, this is fully put on by us and Chelsea’s. We have no corporate sponsorship. It’s just us and the good will of the people coming out. It didn’t come out about anything other than the idea of charity,” said McMann. 

Go hang out with Captain Green, donate a non-perishable food item and enjoy some holiday spirit*** tomorrow night and always #listenlocalBR!

***Tacky (or not-so-tacky) Christmas Sweaters totally optional

#22504 - Burris and Minos the Saint play New Orleans

New Orleans has a rich history of live local music and buzzes with culture, but just 75 miles up the river, Baton Rouge sits pulsing with a different kind of energy. Baton Rouge has been described as 'up-and-coming' with a diverse music scene full of everything from singer/songwriters to local rappers and new Indie bands. “New Orleans has a different cultural history than Baton Rouge. Because of that, I think there is a lot to be learned and I think that it is a source of very interesting interactions between artists in the two cities. New Orleans has been known as a center of culture for centuries. Most would agree that Baton Rouge is very new to seeing itself in that way. New Orleans is such a unique city in the world that experiencing its culture and community is a valuable experience for anyone. It’s a fantastic city, and it’s the closest city to Baton Rouge. It’s a logical place for Baton Rouge bands and musicians to go beyond their hometown and develop listeners in other places,” said Ben Herrington of Minos the Saint and Burris.

Chickie Wah Wah, 2828 Canal Street. Photo from Chickie Wah Wah's facebook page

Chickie Wah Wah, 2828 Canal Street. Photo from Chickie Wah Wah's facebook page

John Driver, a music/talent buyer in New Orleans agrees. Driver, as Family Fish Productions, is responsible for booking two Baton Rouge bands, Burris and Minos the Saint this Friday at Chickie Wah Wah, in New Orleans. Driver said, “I’m a true music lover. I go out and scout music for you to listen to in different venues. I buy the music I like. If I don’t buy the music I like for myself, how can I convince you to like it? Burris and Minos the Saint are two bands I scouted highly and they are probably, along with Ship of Fools, the three best things I’ve heard come out of Baton Rouge in the last two years. I thought Burris and Minos would garner a good crowd that would appreciate them more in an intimate setting, which would focus on the music. Chickie Wah Wah is a listening room; it is a fine listening room. You can come and have a good time but first and foremost, it’s the music.”

Driver is excited to host these two Baton Rouge bands and the bands are excited to play this post Thanksgiving show. “A lot of our friends play at Chickie Wah Wah. It’s always nice to play in a new venue that supports local music especially one that is not afraid to invite Baton Rouge bands into the New Orleans scene; it was very kind of them to do that,” said Peter Simon of Minos the Saint.

Driver books shows intentionally and has high hopes for this upcoming Friday show. He hopes to get music listeners interested in what’s happening and bring some Baton Rougeans to New Orleans while also involving the New Orleans scene in what is happening in Baton Rouge. “First, I hope to create a Baton Rouge buzz in New Orleans where students, resident and fans from BR will make the trip downriver to see Minos the Saint and Burris in an entirely different venue. I hope to garner a portion of the Baton Rouge audience. I also want to get these bands off to a new start. I want to get the music buyers interested in something new and something exciting. Lastly, these kids are going to come in here and kick ass and have a good show. I hope to not only garner a Baton Rouge audience who will make the trip downriver but also garner a New Orleans audience who will continue to support them,” Driver said.

“Music makes its way around; I think there are a lot of New Orleans bands that people care about in Baton Rouge and in the same way, New Orleans people will hear stuff they like and want to support it,” said Peter Simon of Minos the Saint.

Minos the Saint at Ogden Park Prowl. Photo by Nick Martino

Minos the Saint at Ogden Park Prowl. Photo by Nick Martino

This Friday, Minos the Saint will grace the stage at Chickie Wah Wah at 8pm. Driver said, “I’m interested in how Minos the Saint takes this chamber music and twists it around. I don’t know what to call it but I like the instrumentation and the way they take these mellow, sit back songs and energize them. That’s my attraction to Minos the Saint.”

Ben Herrington of Minos the Saint described Minos’ unique sound, “I think it’s the combining of equal part improvisation, classical background and folk with very unique songwriting. Those are essentially the basic elements that make our sound unique. I don’t think there are many groups who draw as strongly on those elements as we do. We draw on them in equal parts, the classical background, improvisation, folk influences and unique songwriting.”

Following Minos the Saint, Burris will play at 10pm. “Burris is unique in that every member of the band has a different musical identity; we all have very distinctive styles, we have a way of doing what we do that is all our own; the band also has such a wide range of influences and that comes from having a 7-person band,” said Scott Graves of Burris.

Burris at The Highlander. Photo by Nick Martino

Burris at The Highlander. Photo by Nick Martino

"I like Burris’s professionalism. When I refer to a band as being professional, I don’t mean their business sense. I mean their chops, their musical ability. I’m basically saying this a good band; this band has a future,” said Driver.

You can make the trip to Chickie Wah Wah to hear these two bands on Friday, November 27 and support Baton Rouge music making some noise in New Orleans. “I think the way for Baton Rouge bands to start playing in New Orleans more is to get connected down there. I think Baton Rouge musicians need to draw upon the experiences we’ve had in BR and how we formed our connections and community here and use that to help us understand how we get connected in New Orleans. I think for us it is first of all, respecting what is already going on there and learning about who is doing what and just allowing collaborations and interactions to happen naturally,” said Ben Herrington of Minos the Saint and Burris.

Burris at The Highlander. Photo by Nick Martino

Burris at The Highlander. Photo by Nick Martino

We should be supporting the fact that New Orleans has such a history of live music whereas Baton Rouge is up-and-coming. For New Orleans to open up its doors for musicians like us, that’s really cool. I think one way to see this happen more is for bands to work with each other,” said Chris Hochkeppel of Burris.   

Driver is doing what he can to create a space for Baton Rouge musicians in New Orleans. He describes himself as a music lover who wants to support good music. Baton Rouge has a great music city and a great music program; Baton Rouge is more remembered for blues artists. I think a lot of these younger bands that are coming from Baton Rouge are really the torchbearers of this new scene. This is my first step; Chickie Wah Wah is making a dent. There’s no other music venues down here sticking their neck out and it’s gotta start somewhere,” said Driver.

Baton Rouge is conveniently located near two other great music cities, Lafayette and New Orleans and there’s no reason not to take advantage of our geographic location and shuffle around between these music communities. “I’m excited to have the people that I’ve been meeting in New Orleans come out and see these two groups. I’ve been hanging out with new people in New Orleans and I’m excited to expose them to two very hardworking Baton Rouge groups who are trying to be an active part of a New Orleans dynamic. I’ve heard Baton Rougeans say that you can’t play in NOLA unless you live there. That is not true but it is true to an extent. I think that in order for Baton Rouge bands to have a role in the scene in New Orleans, they need to come to the scene in New Orleans and make connections. As a New Orleans transplant via Baton Rouge, I’m happy to bring Baton Rouge bands into New Orleans. My connections are growing; I’ve met a lot of people. The New Orleans scene is bigger and a little more competitive than Baton Rouge, but still a very friendly scene,” said Scott Graves of Burris.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Jive team and don’t forget to emerge from your turkey coma and make the trip to New Orleans this Friday to #listenlocalBR
~Emily Jean McCollister

Jive Picks (Week of November 20th)

The Enchanted Forest (LSU Campus) today, 11/19

The Enchanted Forest (LSU Campus) today, 11/19

Hello Baton Rougeans, Happy Thursday!

As per always, it's a beautiful day in BR (even if it's November and Summer refuses to die).

There's a lot happening these days in the city and you don't want to miss out on this weekend's festivities!



Friday, November 19th:

~Ship of Fools + Royal Teeth + Von Mozes @ Spanish Moon. 9pm. $10 cover.

~Nice Dog + Sari + Camp Life @ BRMS. 8pm. $7 cover.

~White Light Night in Midcity. 6pm.

~KLSU A Backyard Beat Affair @ Beauvoir Park. 6pm. $5 cover.

Saturday, November 20th:

~See Schaff Run w/ Motel Radio (formerly Palmyra) and Renshaw Davies @ Chelsea's. 9pm.

~T-Ray the Violinist, Drexal Flowers, James Jackson & Vance Hommes @ Spanish Moon. 9pm.

Have a good weekend and #listenlocalBR